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A little bit about me ! 

Hey brides to be! My name is Caitlin Oliveira, I am the owner and lead hair and makeup artist of Caitlin Mae Beauty Llc!  I really never know what to write in a bio of myself but I’ll give it a shot! I’m a super down to earth, easy going mom of two (9 and 1…the  age gap is real, i know lol) and I have two Pomsky pups named Odin and Aurora!  I’m a Disney lover and I love to listen to all kinds of music (minus country), I swear I’m going to get a karaoke mic for when we can’t help but burst out in song at our trial together at my studio! 😋
I have been doing weddings as a freelance artist working for other beauty teams since 2010 and in 2021 I decided to put and end to my freelance days and start my own bridal company! With all of the knowledge that I’ve gathered throughout my 11 years of working for others, I try to run my company as easy going as I can while still staying organized and on time! My team of talented ladies and I are always happy to meet new people and have fun, while at the same time,  making sure everyone who leaves our chair is 100% happy with their hair/makeup!  As I alway say, the wedding day is about you, not about me or the girls on my team! As long as we’re all honest with each other, our day will go amazingly and I promise you’ll be happy with the outcome! 
I get serious FOMO every time I have to leave a fun party (which is the majority of my brides tbh), knowing I’m gonna miss out on the best parts of the day! So please don’t forget to tag us in any and all pictures on social media, so I can live vicariously through you! 😉💕

About Me : Bio
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